Sistema de máquina de corte CNC personalizado de toda la casa que es mejor?
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Sistema de máquina de corte CNC personalizado de toda la casa que es mejor?

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Usuarios que compran una máquina de corte CNC personalizada de toda la casaA menudo, pregunte qué sistema es mejor al comprar una máquina de corte CNC personalizada de toda la casa? Cada fabricante utiliza un sistema diferente. ¿Cuál es el mejor?

Solo hay algunos sistemas utilizados en toda la casa personalizada.Máquina de corte CNC en el mercado,tal comoSintec,Lnc,NC Studioand other systems.


NC Studio

NC Studiois a Chinese brand, and theSintecdeLNCis produced in Taiwan. The import price must be more expensive.It involves tariffs, so the price will definitely be slightly more expensive, but this import system is expensive. Take the SYNTEC system as an example,losSintecsystem is the most stable one.The superstar CNC brand whole house customMáquina de corte CNC adopts theSintecsystem, which is very powerful and supports signal feedback, alarm reminders, etc. There are powerful functions in the system. Some manufacturers cannot use them. They need to go through a reasonable combination of electrical appliances and program rewriting. If their professionalism is not enough, manufacturers are not competent. The professionalism of Superstar CNC is obvious to all in the industry.


SYNTEC system

En cuanto aNC Studiosistemaof the Chinese brand, there are no tariffs and other taxes for domestic products,so the price is relatively cheaper.There are also relatively good versions of NC Studio sistemas.NC StudioNK260 system is quite good, and its functions are better thanNC Studio53C. It's better and slightly more expensive.NC Studio 53C still needs to be connected to another computer.

Multi-spindle cnc router TWAIWAN control system

LNC system

In recent years, more and more furniture companies have used the engraving machine as a whole-house customMáquina de corte CNC.The whole house custom CNC cutting machine has flexible functions.It can not only cut straight lines,but also cut any complex curved lines, realize the integration of punching, slotting and cutting, and also has automatic feeding and unloading.Superestrella cnc engraving machine manufacturers remind everyone to choose the right system when purchasing an engraving machine~

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