¿Cómo se realiza la máquina de corte CNC de cuatro procesos de 0 segundos?
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¿Cómo se realiza la máquina de corte CNC de cuatro procesos de 0 segundos?

The four-process CNC cutting machine is an economical and practical panel furniture cutting equipment. It has four processing spindles, pneumatic switching, and can install four different tools, which can realize panel furniture drilling, grooving, cabinet door panel milling, etc. craft. The four-process cnc machine woodworking does not need to mill holes in terms of drilling, and the drill bit can be installed according to the size of the hole. Due to the high requirements for CNC design of panel furniture, the configuration of the four-process CNC cutting machine needs to use high-power servo motors, good control systems, and high-power cutting spindles.

How is the 0-second tool change four-processcnc wood cutting machine ¿comprendió?

The 0-second switching four-process CNC cutting machine means that when the four spindles are switched with each other, there is no need to wait for the previous spindle to stop and the other spindle to restart.

How is this way achieved? It is very simple to add multiple inverters to control. Since the spindle of the four-process cnc wood working router is controlled by the frequency converter, the ordinary four-process numerical control cutting machine has only one frequency converter, and the other spindle can start when the spindle is completely stopped. The fast switching function can be realized by installing multiple frequency converters.

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